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Welcome to Sefton Park, Liverpool's Most Stunning Greenspace Gifted from Their Victorian Ancestors

Despite the fact that the park has been officially open since 1872, very little has changed since its launch and Liverpool residents love the park now just as much as their Victorian counterparts did.

The beautiful park is set over 235 acres and is surrounded by the most stunning Victorian mansions that were once home to some of the city’s most successful professionals and businessmen, profiting from Liverpool’s prosperous years in maritime trade. The park is home to a large Boating Lake, Victorian Bandstand and Palm House.

Boasting a large outdoor space, many of the city’s largest events are held in the park including the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival, with dates in Spring and Autumn as well as the Liverpool International Music Festival, which has seen names such as Basement Jaxx perform on a beautiful summers evening. 

Five Quick Facts about Sefton Park

Palm House Sefton Park 1 During the Second World War, Liverpool was hit by many bombs during the Blitz, including Sefton Park. Damage was done to the Palm House and it had to be replaced nine years later using the War Restoration Funds.  Gardens at the Palace of Versailles 2 One of the statues outside the Palm House depicts Andre Le Notre, who was the Landscape Architect who designed the park at the Palace of Versailles.  Bandstand at Sefton Park Liverpool 3 It is said that the Victorian bandstand located in the park was the inspiration behind The Beatles’ hit, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Peter Pan Statue at Kensington Gardens 4 The bronze Peter Pan statue located near the front of the Boating Lake is a replica of the original in Kensington Gardens. George Audley, a local business man from the city, loved children and donated the statue to the park.  Deer in Forest 5 The park sits on the grounds of what was once the Royal Deer Park of Toxteth, founded by King John in 1204. 

FAQs About Sefton Park

How Long Does it Take to Walk Around Sefton Park?

Walking around the perimeter of Sefton Park takes around about half an hour to forty minutes, although there are many walking paths within the park to choose from, those who are passionate about walking or running, often stick to the path that surrounds the park to avoid the crowds.

Is There a Café in Sefton Park?

Yes! There are two cafes in Sefton Park, one in the centre close to the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain and the other inside the Palm House. They serve a range of drinks and snacks including vegan ice cream!

Things To Do in Sefton Park

Sefton Park Palm House

In a park that is blessed with such natural beauty, it would be easy to forgive those who have never entered the Palm House and perhaps, not even acknowledged its presence. For despite its grandeur, it is the epitome of understated elegance; with its glass panels and interior filled with exotic plants, allowing the structure to camouflage with its surroundings. Whether visiting for a sneak peek of what’s inside or attending one of the house’s events, it is not to be missed.  
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Fishing at The Boating Lake

The Boating Lake in the heart of Sefton Park is one of the favourite attractions for families enjoying what the great outdoors has to offer. Many people enjoy walking around the perimeter of the lake and watching the beautiful swans swim across the lake. For those who enjoy fishing, there is no better place to go than the Boating Lake on a peaceful morning, although those who are going to fish must have an Angling Permit.  

Tennis Courts

Sefton Park has three tennis courts, allowing guests to play in the middle of the beautiful surroundings of trees and greenery. Encouraging the residents of Liverpool to keep fit and active, it is free to use the tennis courts after having booked a slot online. There are also free coaching sessions which offer sessions for both adults and children on a Sunday, however, other paid-for sessions are available throughout the week offering more flexibility for those with stricter schedules. 
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The CityBike initiative allows residents to hire bikes for a small cost to get around the city. Luckily for visitors to Sefton Park, there are five stations situated around the perimeter of the Park. Take advantage of the bikes and create your very own bike trail, passing by some of the park’s best features including the Band Stand and Boating Lake. 

Explorations & Adventure

For the creative minds of children, Sefton Park is a great place to visit for a little adventure out in the great outdoors. The park is home to secret caves and waterfalls, just a little detour from the beaten track and there is lots to discover about this park. Just behind the boating lake is the ‘Fairy Glen’, a beautiful waterfall where passers-by can take a moment out of their day to relax as they watch the water cascade down the rocks. ‘Old Nick’s Caves’ is a purpose-built grotto near the Boating Lake, can you find it on your next walk?