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The Snow Queen: An Enchanted Experience

Date and Time

December 16th - December 24th

Relaxed sessions 21st December - 09:30, 09:45, 22nd December - 09:30, 09:45


St George's Hall , St George's PlaceLiverpool, Liverpool City Region L1 1JJ


Inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson famous fairy tale, this is the story of the Snow Queen who following an unfortunate accident with a broken mirror (some would say from too admiring herself too much) which promptly turned her once very kind heart, into a cold and frozen one. 

Now the saying goes, that the Snow Queen has only one opportunity a year to break the magic spell and turn her frozen heart back into a kind one, and that day is fast approaching. 

This is the story of Evie the Elf who has been recruited by the Snow Queen and who has travelled zillions and gazillions of miles in her search to find a kind person to help melt the Snow Queens frozen heart with all their goodness. 



❄️  To reach the Snow Queen in time to turn her frozen heart into a good one, Evie and her band of merry Elves (that’s you) need to overcome numerous obstacles and a few cheeky characters along the way. 

❄️  Evie the Elf needs to find the most bravest, happiest, and most kindest of children to use their goodness to help turn the Snow Queen back into the kind hearted Queen she once was. 


❄️   You know what melts cold hearts don’t you?  Yes, you guessed it, good and kind wishes. 

❄️   Not a ‘sit still and listen class …. oh no, we need your help this Christmas to melt the Snow Queens cold heart and make her all magical and nice again. 


❄️   So now you know how to make a wish, let’s put it into practice. You never know, you may have a visit from the big man himself if you wish hard enough.


❄️  This is an integral part of Christmas, as all your wishes need to be guided by the lights, to reach the Snow Queen and to break the frozen spell.  Can you help us restore all the lights in the night sky? 

❄️   And your prize for helping Evie - well, this is the good bit … the Snow Queen has promised to reward anyone who can help, with an up-front and personal meeting with the big man himself … FATHER CHRISTMAS! 


Friendly elves, colourful lights and loud audiences is the perfect environment for many at Christmas time, however, for some, it can be an overwhelming experience.  

This experience is appropriate for children with sensory conditions, are neurodiverse or on the autistic spectrum, as well as other additional needs. 

Early morning sessions are to ensure waiting times are minimal, the sound and lighting will be adjusted, and the story will be communicated in advance, to support families expectations.  


This is an interactive family theatrical experience, as such every member of the family will require a ticket.

Experience is 45 minutes in duration.

Each child with a ticket will receive a present from Father Christmas

Under 1s (babes in arms) will not require a ticket. Please note, they will not receive a present from Father Christmas.

This venue is wheelchair accessible.